Youth Steering group blog-Lockdown Life

Hiya, welcome back to the DU dance (NI) steering group blog! We thought we could share what we’ve been getting up to during this lockdown from hobbies, learning new skills, spending time with family and keeping in touch with other friends and loved ones and of course, dancing have all been so important for us during this lockdown.

I think everyone has been finding this lockdown a little more difficult than the previous for various reasons, however sharing what has been bringing us joy may help inspire and motivate anyone who is struggling to get that motivation and may give you a few ideas of new things you could try to bring you joy and keep you occupied during this lockdown.

As you can see from the photos below, we’ve enjoyed learning new and working on old hobbies such as baking, embroidery, sewing, painting and reading.

We’ve also been trying to look after our physical health by going on walks, getting fresh air and dancing on zoom classes and learning dances from TikTok and Youtube, I have even made a DIY barbell using concrete and a steel bar as the gyms are shut! Looking after our physical health and getting up and moving has also helped our mental health. Looking after our mental health has been just as important which is why some of us have been meditating, doing yoga, working on mindfulness and gratitude as well as incorporating more self-care into our lives such as warm baths and skincare routines, one of our steering group members has also gotten into tarot card reading which has helped her with guidance and advice for situations, bringing her peace of mind.

Staying in touch with loved ones over facetime, text, calls as well as spending time with those in our house (including our furry friends) has also been so important for our mental health.

These are just a few examples of how the steering group have been keeping busy and spending our time over lockdown.