Ballymoney & Ballycastle

We have a class based in Ballymoney: Alternatives and a BRAND NEW group starting in Ballycastle: Alternative Energies.


Youth Engagement Project in Ballymoney

This is a youth dance theatre group for young people aged 7-11 years. 

  • Classes start Friday 24th September 2021
  • They run 4pm-5pm
  • Venue TBC in Ballymoney
  • £5 membership fee; £1 per session 
  • No Experience Necessary!  New members are very welcome. 
  • The group is led by dance artist Rebecca Wallace. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Alternatives, please email

Alternative Energies

Youth Engagement Project in Ballycastle

We are excited to be planning a brand new Intergenerational Dance Project which will take place in Ballycastle from September 2021 onwards.

This intergenerational project will bring together young people aged 15-20 years with elders 65+ living in the Ballycastle area. At a time when there are few situations that bring people of different generations together, the project seeks to address this lack of connection, advocating the power of dance as a vehicle for personal, social and community cohesion. Once established, the Alternative Energies group will meet weekly to work, talk and create together, devising performances and events that resonate with people of different ages.

If you are interested in finding out more about Alternative Energies, please email

Set up in September 2013 and running until Summer 2021, this group of 15+ young people took part in many national and local events which explored intergenerational work including St James’ Lodge Care Home (2021), Flowerfield Arts Centre (2020), Portstewart (2019), Peponi (2017), Imaginary (2016), War2Unite (2015), Shadows 2014), Vul’indela (2014), Persona (2013), Coming Home (2013).