DU Dance in Palestine, Germany and South Africa

South Africa 2014

Artistic Director, Mags Byrne, has been delivering training programmes all over the world. In July 2014 Mags returned again to South Africa working with 6 young dance trainees in the Magagula Heights Township, near Johannesburg whilst providing workshops for up to 40 children . This project, facilitated by Caritas Vienna, is based in the Ithuba school and carries on from work done there over the last few years.

Mags has also worked in Palestine, in May 2013 delivering a ten day workshop for dance students culminating in a new performance. This follows on from her visit in 2012 facilitated by YANTE.

The projects in Palestine and South Africa are ongoing as part of the DU Dance programme of work Opening the Spectrum.

In 2012 Mags worked alongside composer Matt Baker and director Richard Wolfenden-Brown, to deliver a two-day workshop with professional artists for Stagecoach, in Frankfurt, Germany.