Professional exchange with German partners in #CulturalBridge Project

We are getting ready for the next stage of the Cultural Bridge project, which celebrates bilateral partnerships between the UK and Germany, and heading back to Leipzig for the first of two professional exchanges.  This will be an exciting opportunity to delve further into what we can learn from each other and how our organisations can be part of a positive social change.

Alongside Darren Ferguson from our Northern Ireland partner Beyond Skin, Sheena and Mags will spend three days hosted by German partners VILLA Leipzig looking at organisational practices and procedures, visiting current projects and seeing first hand the implementation of the artistic methods they deploy.

Our colleagues at VILLA Leipzig, a socio-cultural centre, have an exciting schedule planned with a visit to their popular Open Stage music event, a meeting with the facilitators of the Junior Team to understand their motivations and methods and how they implement political education and participation and finally a visit with the theatre and music pedagogics and the Open Youth Work.

It will be a busy and insightful few days as we exchange ideas, reflect on the ‘Ode to Earth’ project and explore the next steps in strengthening our partnerships.

To learn more about the ‘Ode to Earth’ project, read Sheena’s blog and watch the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s film.  Simply click HERE or on the photo below.