Green Arts NI launches website on Earth Day 2024

On Earth Day 2024, we are pleased to share how DU Dance (NI) are one of the steering group members of the Green Arts NI group.

Since 2019 the group has been collaboratively striving to diminish our footprint, exchanging insights and experiences through regular gatherings and collaborative initiatives, and supporting the city’s sustainability plans. The group will soon be setting up an Environmental Forum for the Culture Sector of Northern Ireland, looking at our own environmental impact, what needs to be done to improve and how the arts can impact this.

With a membership of almost 50 cultural and creative organisations and over 100 individuals across Northern Ireland including Oh Yeah Music Centre, Lyric Belfast, Stephen Beggs and Young at Art, Green Arts NI will be helping to shape the Belfast City Council Cultural Strategy for 2020-2030.

                                                                       (Mags Byrne with members of the collective.)

The group is calling for interested arts organisations and individual artists to join. To find out more, contact

Check out the brand new website HERE and you can follow the group on Instagram at greenarts_ni; Facebook Green Arts NI and Twitter @GreenartsNI