Alternative Energies Sharing is a big success

Earlier this month, on Tuesday 6th December, our Alternative Energies group performed to a packed room at the Ramoan Centre in Ballycastle.   The group of twenty elders and young people were well rehearsed and keen to share the work they have created with friends and family.  As a result the place was buzzing with enthusiastic chatter about the project.   The performance was focused and very moving and it was clear to all how well this group have gelled and are supportive of each other.   Accordingly the participants have been very positive in their feedback:

“It is so relaxing with all the fun and fellowship together.”    “Delighted I joined DU Dance, great fun with lovely friendly people.”     “…. if I had not joined the dance group….I would be a lonely soul sitting watching TV.”    “Really enjoyed the experience. Thanks to all involved.”   “It has been such a pleasure to do dance and to meet such wonderful people.” “Thank you ……. this term had been great fun and so stimulating.”

The audience feedback on the sharing was equally glowing:

“Thank you. That dance was amazing.”       “Lovely show. So happy and joyful.”     “Was absolutely lovely to watch you all.”    “Thank you! We really enjoyed watching you all perform – so happy and relaxed.”      “An absolute joy to watch. A feel good display by everyone involved.”    “Excellent performance . Really enjoyed watching everyone.”      “Absolutely marvellous!! Co-ordination skills excellent. Fantastic. Well done everyone!”    “Dancing for all – how good is that! Thanks to all concerned.”

At the end of the evening, the group presented Michaela, who has ably assisted on the project, with a card and gift as she leaves to have a baby.  Good luck Michaela from all the DU Dance (NI) team!

The Alternative Energies project continues to blossom under Philip Johnston’s guidance and we look forward to their next sharing at Flowerfield Arts Centre on 28 March 2023.

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