Poetry forms the score for YSG film on environment

Our Youth Steering Group are working on a film about the environment.  One member of the group has written this poignant poem and it will form the score for the film:


What if I told you

Your whole world went up in smoke?

You were left



Desperate for air.

What if I told you

This was your last breath?

No more beauty left to take your breath away.

No more time to make a stand or have a say.

What if I told you

There was no more sky or sun,

No more ground left to walk on?

Your hopes, wishes and dreams

Tangled up and 


No more crashing waves or trickling streams.

The sound of bird song 

A long forgotten memory.

What if I told you

It was your fault

That you lit the match?

That your careless choices were catching up with you?

That soon you would be 

Tripping up

Stumbling over Landfill

Drowning in Thick Black Tarry Oil.

When will this message sink in?

Only when there is 

No more water to drink

No more time to think

No one left to love or blame 

But yourself.

When will you acknowledge that 

Our homes, our loved ones,

Our planet is on the brink of complete collapse!

Can’t you hear the Whale Cry?

It’s Tears Black with Crude Oil?

That you let Drip into our Oceans.

What if I told you

That this isn’t a game

That the thudding sound inside your chest is a Timer

That time is running out!

Wake up!

That beating drum inside reminds us that we’re Human!

Now is the time to stand up 

To Protect

The land, the forests, the animals, each other.

Your own life is at risk!

In 50 years it will be too late.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can still make a change and have a say

You could be the spark

That lights a different match

That lights a different path…