New members join Youth Steering Group

The Youth Steering Group came together in person at The MAC on 19th September and welcomed new members representing Belfast Boys – Archie, Oisin, Leo, Noah & Rory.

The group shared information about what they had all been focusing on in their sessions, and had a lively and interesting discussion on current issues.

Alternative Energies spoke about “exciting plans to start a new intergenerational group in Ballycastle”.

Belfast Boys said they were keen to “select their own music playlists for sessions and that they had a new member”.

Sutemos reported that “the move to leisure centre was good, they were looking forward to it and it allowed the older group to meet at the later time.”

With regard to future company projects the group members are to be involved in the Young Carers end of project Jamboree and peer-to-peer evaluation.

During discussions on the new Environment Project the group were clear that they want to be involved in more direct awareness raising, campaigning and practical action.  They are keen to use nature, the beaches and music to convey how they feel and to call out those adults in positions of power who don’t act.