Integr8 Two!

DU Dance were once again delighted to work with Dungannon Youth Resource Centre to deliver ‘Inte-gr8’, from June to August 2014. This project engages with local young people from 7-25 years of age to explore cultural identity and heritage through a programme of visual arts, dance and music.

The young people involved in the Inte-gr8 project all live in the greater Dungannon area with many of the individuals originally from Africa, East Timor, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. The aim of the project is to support inter-cultural dialogue between these different cultural groups and, through enjoying activities and sharing experiences together, to promote greater tolerance and understanding. DU Dance facilitator Sheena Kelly, from Dungannon, with assistance from Sean O’Neill and Lisa Ryan, led 12 weeks of dance workshops, alongside drumming and music sessions with a final celebratory showcase event taking place at the Dungannon Youth Resource Centre attended by friends and family.