DU Dance do Culture Night Belfast & Armagh 2013

Both our youth dance groups were on the streets Friday 2oth September

In Armagh, Sutemos brought contemporary dance to different spaces – the foyer of the Market Place Theatre and the Mall Shopping Centre – performing energetic and dynamic group pieces, as well as more intimate and emotive solos, duets and trios. Visit the Culture Night Armagh website
Sutemos is an integrated youth dance group based in Dungannon.

Culture Night Armagh

In Belfast country came to town and old met new in this fun dance piece that popped up at various locations around the Cathedral Quarter. Country music and walking sticks provided an alternative flavour inviting people to move to a different rhythm.

Merge Cru is a young dance group that combines urban street culture with contemporary dance theatre, making something new and exciting.

Visit the Culture Night Belfast website

CN Belfast 2013