A New Group for the Boys of Belfast

Physical Dance Theatre

Following successful taster sessions and a dance summer school in July, in September we set up a new Physical Dance Theatre group in Belfast for boys aged 8–10 years. It is often difficult for boys to opt to get involved in dance and other creative activities as they are encouraged instead towards sports. If they do get involved they are often the only boy in a class full of girls. By setting up Belfast Boys we want to positively discriminate towards them, spark their interest, and help them to see dance as a skilful, physically challenging and really enjoyable activity. We would be delighted to welcome any new members to the group. No experience is necessary.  The group is led by Adib Ma’ani Hessari and Sean O’Neill.

Belfast Boys meet on Saturdays 2 – 4pm at the Girdwood Community Hub, Girdwood Avenue Belfast, BT14 6EG.

For more information contact us on 9033 0956 or email info@dudanceni.com.