DU Dance youth group member takes a step across the waters!

A lovely note to us all from one of our dancers heading off to university to further her dance studies .. We wish you the very best and thank you for all your work with the company, keep in touch!

Dear all of you,

I haven’t known you for long but have a lot to be thankful for.  The last, barely two years, were amazing and full of new and exciting experiences for me, both on professional and personal level.  I’ve got to know many great people and all and everyone inspired me in some way.  Thanks to the many projects I had the chance to take part in, I’ve become a more confident dancer who believes there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.  I’ve got a taste of real hard work and I finally could be passionate about dance in the right environment.  I’ve also learned that being shouted at may actually mean encouragement.. still having doubts at times but it surely toughens one up – in the right way 🙂  I think the work DU Dance is doing is incredible, amazing and definitely something everyone should know about and experience.  While I’m leaving for university and for getting more experience in dancing and life, I’m hoping I can still be helpful in one way or another.